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Beautiful Fall Day!

Well it was a beautiful fall morning and day, bright sunshine and fresh dew on the ground.  The trees are really starting to turn color.  It’s a great time for family portraits outdoors!  This morning I photographed a little newborn and her family outdoors in a beautiful field of color.  The drive to and from their home was so beautiful.  I love this time of year!

Family Portraits

Wow, what a beautiful day to take family portraits.  We went behind “Old St Joseph’s Hospital”, here in Kenora. The  big willow tree provided nice cool shade and gorgeous photographs.  Can’t wait to show my clients their beautiful images!

What a Great Weekend!

Thank you to everyone who came out and stopped by our booth at the home show this weekend.  It was great to see some new faces as well as our VIC’s aka Very Important Clients, and chat about your summer plans.  We look forward to serving you this summer at your family events and gatherings.

It’s snowing!

Well it’s 1am and I just got in from shoveling some snow! Hopefully I’ve got a good head start on it for the morning…well at least the shovel is at the door and not buried in the garage somewhere, so I can dig my way to my car in the morning.

I’m so glad to have come back from Winnipeg yesterday before the snow came. Have to confess that it is quite pretty outside right now. It would be perfect for portraits at the Vernon Trails…that is when the sun comes back up.

Take it easy shoveling in the morning!

Home again!

Well I spent the weekend in the very quiet city of Winnipeg with my sister.  It was super hot and hopefully all of you reading this post had a chance to enjoy the weather and go for a swim in the lake!  Didn’t get out to photograph anything on the weekend but did get some inspiration for my next wedding coming up in 2 weeks.  I’m really excited about this next wedding, they are a super fun couple and I wish them all the best as they put the rest of their plans together. Before I leave you here is an image from a wedding I photographed in Beaty Park in Keewatin, Ontario

Family Portraits

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon for relaxing on the deck at the cabin and watching the loons frolicking on the lake.

Yesterday morning I had the privilege of photographing a family that had gathered for a special celebration.  We went out to McLeod Park here in Kenora, Ontario to take in the beautiful backdrop of  Lake of the Woods.  The light was so beautiful with a bit of cloud cover which made for really  soft light and rich colors.

People often think that you have to have a bright sunny day to photograph outdoors but the truth is that slightly overcast or hazy days are the best as the sun is filtered, diffusing it into really soft light which really makes the colors “POP”.  I’ll post some images soon so you can see what I mean.

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend and soaking up the sunshine!

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