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Are you tired of standing in lineups and then having the whole world watching you get your picture taken? Sick of being stuck with only one or two photo’s to choose from?

Here at Colleen Serban Photography we’re all about personal attention. All appointments are booked with plenty of time so your session is calm, relaxed and all about you.

This is especially important with newborns as they usually need to be fed during a session. Mom’s have plenty of time to relax in the rocking chair and feed baby without having to hurry because of line ups. When mom’s’ relaxed, baby’s relaxed and that makes for the best portrait sessions.

Do you have a special event or occasion to be covered?

Or, maybe it’s an insurance claim that you need documented.

Whatever your needs are, we can customize a package just for you. Call us today, tell us what your looking for and we’ll give you a personal quote.

Services We Provide

* Wedding Photography, Candid, Free Style & Formal Images

* Engagement Love Portraits

* Madonna/Prenatal

* Singles Photography

* Family Portraits

* Business Portraits

* Pet Photographs

* Baby Photographs

* Teen Pictures

* Grad Photos

* Birthdays, Special Events and Anniversaries

* Stock Photography

* Real Estate Pictures

* Insurance Claim Pictures

* Media, Magazine & Print Photography

* Photography for Books

* Retouch and Restore Old Photographs

* Banquets & Award Ceremonies

Do you have a set budget?

Don’t worry, tell us and we can give you extra options. No job is too small.

We can provide customized sessions, group rates, and discounts for sports teams or large quantity shoots.

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