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About Us

Colleen Serban has always had a passion for photography. It started at a young age as she followed in her fathers footsteps. She picked up her fathers little Brownie camera and snapped her first photograph at the scene of a grass fire in her neighborhood, where she spent many hours playing. She was not the one that started the fire. The image was of the boots of the firefighter leaving the scene where the grass fire had been.

Of course, at that time in her life it was not considered proper photography and was reprimanded for wasting film and processing, “It’s very expensive, you know.” So, she remained low key for the next 10 years until grade 12 when she signed up for the position of “Photographer” for the high school yearbook. That year Colleen learned many things about photography, including processing black and white film and the fascinating art of developing the photographs herself. She also received an extra high school credit for all her hard work.

At Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario, where she studied Health Records Technician/Administration for 2 years, she always kept her eye on the photography programs available. Unfortunately, she was unable to afford the time or money to take the course at that time. However, during the two years in Ottawa, she had many opportunities to practice her photographic skills on all the beautiful landscapes and amazing fall colors of Southern Ontario.

After returning home, from College, she continued to pursue her photography interest as a hobby until the summer of 2000 when she discovered that this indeed was her passion and started working towards becoming a professional photographer. From that time until now, Colleen has attended many seminars taught by Master Photographers from Canada and the United States. Her business started in January of 2003 while working towards completing her diploma from the New York Institute of Photography. With her passion leading the way, Colleen’s photography has continued to take shape and her passion for learning is unquenchable.

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